WWI Memorial overlooking Kansas city from the top

I love skydecks! and for $5 you can go to the top of the Liberty tower, it’s a narrow space to walk but enough to do a “quick” sketch, this took me around an hour, I used sepia ink and I didn’t want to use watercolor. I’m gonna go up again and try to do another one this time with color

Rainy sky studies

Clouds hiptonize me, the sky today was simply gorgeous, many tones of grays and purples, blues and some times the sun shows up and the spring colors of the grass and tres just pop up. I’m trying my new portfolio with strings binder instead of the regular sketchbooks I am buying now. I like this paper and its cheaper for the daily sketches I am doing, also I add different types of paper as kraft, pencil and black pastel paper.


Purple mini flowers

This morning was very humid and rainy but I wanted to do a run, I returned home sopping but happy with this sketch, near the river is this cummulus of purple grasses in fact are little mini flowers, you can see the trail in the left corner, this is the tomahawk creek trail near Deer Creel golf club (right)

It’s interesting how drops of rain can help you to have a loose watercolor 😄 Hope you like this


Red Buds (purple) Part II

The same driveway but in different side, those purple trees are making me take many pictures and sketching them a lot! they are just beautiful and changing with this crazy weather, some days are shining with a lot of yellow sunlight and other days are just purple with the cloudy sky, that’s what happened when i draw this, waiting for my hubby after a looong working day

Hope you like this 😉

3r day of the challenge 65 people til now

Yeah! as you read…. I completed 65 people! and 21 little ones, but I’m not counting this, they were to quick

Here are my first round when I visited the Barnes and Noble before attend an evening meeting with some engineers 

I liked this place, everyone was very concentrated reading and they didn’t care about people around so i could sketch very comfortable 

And here are my engineers, paying attention to the projector 


Lets see how it goes tomorrow. 80 is the target 

Good night!!