Paint Parkville -Monday PA

Paint Parkville 

What a beautiful house to spend the day. Paint Parkville is an annual event in the little beautiful town in Pakville, Missouri. Monday private estate paint out, wss in this cozy and nice house. Every detail in this spot caught my attention. The pool and the bungalow were the instructions, but any composition in here could make a great painting. The purchase award was given to 3 lucky artists, usually is only one, but the owners of this house wanted all of them. one of the 3 lucky winners was mine. I feel very honored and happy when people tell me that they can’t stop looking at my painting 😍 it’s a big compliment. 

Thank you and see you tomorrow in another adventure 

Rainy sky studies

Clouds hiptonize me, the sky today was simply gorgeous, many tones of grays and purples, blues and some times the sun shows up and the spring colors of the grass and tres just pop up. I’m trying my new portfolio with strings binder instead of the regular sketchbooks I am buying now. I like this paper and its cheaper for the daily sketches I am doing, also I add different types of paper as kraft, pencil and black pastel paper.


Purple mini flowers

This morning was very humid and rainy but I wanted to do a run, I returned home sopping but happy with this sketch, near the river is this cummulus of purple grasses in fact are little mini flowers, you can see the trail in the left corner, this is the tomahawk creek trail near Deer Creel golf club (right)

It’s interesting how drops of rain can help you to have a loose watercolor XD Hope you like this


Sketch Car challenge #100carsoneweek 

My friend Tammy Lynn Dickerson started a challenge to dra 100 cars in one week. I know!! I love challenges and I have to be in doing this! and this topic is one of my favorites, I love cars and I like to add in my regular paintings trying not to avoid them, they put a interesting feeling in a painting. I remember when I did photography my pictures looked like studio pictures, sometimes I used to spent the double of the time waiting for people don’t appear on my pictures and once a friend of mine ask me, How do you do to take your pictures without people? And that was challenging, then I make more tests and found that people and common things make a picture or a painting more interesting, makes a sense of dimensions, life and action, so cars in urbansketching are a must! so let’s practice. If you sometime want to check some of my pictures without people follow the link on Flickr

If you want to join the challenge use the #100carsoneweek

Some cars parked outside my front door. I sketch from the first floor that’s why the perspective looks from the top

Mazda 3

If you want to join the challenge use the #100carsoneweek