Paint Parkville -tuesday

Painting at the Nature Sanctuary in Parkville 

I was looking for the cvorrect tree and then I had to decide among many! and chose this one, because the rounded leaves looked just beautiful and this yellow-green tones, also the white sky, raining all day

Hope you like it 

Paint Parkville – Thursday

Tiffany Springs, Parkville, Missouri. As part of paint Parkville we were painting in this beautiful house, her owner wanted to be on the pain to g with her cat. 

Nice hot day and I have to say that all the merit was to my umbrella 🤣🤣 helps me to don’t get sunburn

I hope the owner wants this painting, it’s really nice i should say

Rainy friday

The weather these days are very crazy, that’s why a said is February crazy and March much crazier. I have different settings for my art weapons it could be as simple as my mini mint tin can, waterbrush, a pen and a postcard size sketchbook or if the colors are more vibrant I take my shadow make-up 12 color palette, waterbrush, pen and 4×6 sketchbook, all of this fits on my pocket or in a small waist pack. They always hang with me when i go for a run or go to the groceries store or just waiting for my husband, there is always something to sketch.

Friday I love fridays!

This morning starts very wet but the colors were great. When things are wet colors are more defined and strong, the atmosphere is clean and grasses  look with more contrast with the grey sky.

Here is the sketch before the rain got me wet 

Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks for reading 


Spring is here!!

All day I was preparing some of my stuff for the next plein air events and then I view on the window the most beautiful and different cloud, like a gray line in the sky, the weatherman said, it was a weak cool front, well I took many pictures of it, then the sun appear in this chilly and cool day and my plants need some sun so I get interested on my plant in the window so here it is, without flowers but really colorful with a yellow pinwheel, purple pot and a natural wood crate, outside you can see some green and orangish trees. Thanks for reading!! Happy spring season 🌻🌼🌷🌹🌵

Parisi Artisan Coffee

Sorry to forgot my blog for a couple of days but I was very busy setting my Solo show for the weekend, but here I am posting my drawings from Friday afternoon at this coffee shop trying to complete my 100 people, so I did it!! after this drawing I go back again with my husband to have another cup of coffee, later went to movies, nice day for a Friday night