Paint Parkville -tuesday

Painting at the Nature Sanctuary in Parkville 

I was looking for the cvorrect tree and then I had to decide among many! and chose this one, because the rounded leaves looked just beautiful and this yellow-green tones, also the white sky, raining all day

Hope you like it 

Kauffman Performing Arts Center

I wanted to draw something different and only where you can find different views is at downtown Kansas city, there is a lot to see and a lot to draw, sometimes I feel lost or very alone walking and deciding what place choose, some people get interested, other people are wondering if I am loitering haha, or I if I’m part of some kind of conspiracy but it’s just me a simply artist who is looking for an interesting subject and a great view to spend the next hour. I wanted to draw on the inside but they only have the hall open to public on fridays,  so I have to sketch in the cold but sunny outside. This sketch took me around 20 minutes, after that, I moved to another place which I am going to post later cause’ it was another great experience.

Hope you like it and please comment something 😛