Paint Parkville -tuesday

Painting at the Nature Sanctuary in Parkville 

I was looking for the cvorrect tree and then I had to decide among many! and chose this one, because the rounded leaves looked just beautiful and this yellow-green tones, also the white sky, raining all day

Hope you like it 

5/5 #oneweek100people2017….Done!! and happy

After 5 days sketching more than 100 people I found very productive and the challenge push me to go and find new places where I could find different people, maybe you are asking people is everywhere, I know but it’s not as easy as you can think, take your sketchbook and stand and start staring or analysing their faces in front of them haha I felt very invasive on the first day when I visited the mall So, I decided to go to another places where people are more interested to talk, reading or just checking their laptops or mobiles. I tried different techniques to learn and practice more, pushing me out of my comfortable zone. I recommend this exercise to anyone who wants to develop different types of drawing, push you everyday to create different things and be active, think different, try new things and get inspire by others here in WordPress, Instagram or Facebook, be active and let others see your work 😄 See you later. Happy sketching!

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