Paint Parkville -tuesday

Painting at the Nature Sanctuary in Parkville 

I was looking for the cvorrect tree and then I had to decide among many! and chose this one, because the rounded leaves looked just beautiful and this yellow-green tones, also the white sky, raining all day

Hope you like it 


Purple mini flowers

This morning was very humid and rainy but I wanted to do a run, I returned home sopping but happy with this sketch, near the river is this cummulus of purple grasses in fact are little mini flowers, you can see the trail in the left corner, this is the tomahawk creek trail near Deer Creel golf club (right)

It’s interesting how drops of rain can help you to have a loose watercolor XD Hope you like this


At the plaza on a windy day

After the art mob I went to the plaza with my friend Peggy and she made a stop at the Shoe Shine where the owner let us sketch in his mini shop.

Peggy sketch the face of this guy, she did great portrait. 

After that I started to sketch for around 1:30 hours this sketch of the plaza view

The weather was more than great.

That’s all for today!

Art Mob March

As every fourth Thursday of each month we meet with the art mob who are a group of artist very enthusiastic and active. this time was the chance to sketch inside the Galleries of the art museum, the only requirement is to do it with pencil, so it was a good experience to do this basic medium that I didn’t use for a long time. I think I did good

Then we meet for lunch and i did a sketch on the line

After lunch I went to the plaza where I’m gonna talk about it in the next post

Happy sketching!!