Purple mini flowers

This morning was very humid and rainy but I wanted to do a run, I returned home sopping but happy with this sketch, near the river is this cummulus of purple grasses in fact are little mini flowers, you can see the trail in the left corner, this is the tomahawk creek trail near Deer Creel golf club (right)

It’s interesting how drops of rain can help you to have a loose watercolor XD Hope you like this


At the plaza on a windy day

After the art mob I went to the plaza with my friend Peggy and she made a stop at the Shoe Shine where the owner let us sketch in his mini shop.

Peggy sketch the face of this guy, she did great portrait. 

After that I started to sketch for around 1:30 hours this sketch of the plaza view

The weather was more than great.

That’s all for today!

Art Mob March

As every fourth Thursday of each month we meet with the art mob who are a group of artist very enthusiastic and active. this time was the chance to sketch inside the Galleries of the art museum, the only requirement is to do it with pencil, so it was a good experience to do this basic medium that I didn’t use for a long time. I think I did good

Then we meet for lunch and i did a sketch on the line

After lunch I went to the plaza where I’m gonna talk about it in the next post

Happy sketching!!

Snowy Tuesday 

I love snowy days and today start with some flurries then more dusty snow, enough to modify the natural course of my watercolors and leave this interesting ice formations and the water got frozen, nice patterns on the paper. 

I’ll miss this mornings soon but my fingers don’t 😂😂, spring is almost here 🤔

5/5 #oneweek100people2017….Done!! and happy

After 5 days sketching more than 100 people I found very productive and the challenge push me to go and find new places where I could find different people, maybe you are asking people is everywhere, I know but it’s not as easy as you can think, take your sketchbook and stand and start staring or analysing their faces in front of them haha I felt very invasive on the first day when I visited the mall So, I decided to go to another places where people are more interested to talk, reading or just checking their laptops or mobiles. I tried different techniques to learn and practice more, pushing me out of my comfortable zone. I recommend this exercise to anyone who wants to develop different types of drawing, push you everyday to create different things and be active, think different, try new things and get inspire by others here in WordPress, Instagram or Facebook, be active and let others see your work 😄 See you later. Happy sketching!

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White trees

I went this morning around the neighborhood to walk this time because yesterday I breathe pollen and feel bad sneezing with running nose, but the weather was cold again and it’s my favorite, I like to feel cool air in the morning so the skies where blue and the white trees make a great contrast. I tried to sketch just with watercolor, but nature is so beautiful that my art cannot reflect with accuracy this beauty, but here it is.

We expect snow tomorrow and I’m very excited and prepared to draw the snow!!! See you!


3r day of the challenge 65 people til now

Yeah! as you read…. I completed 65 people! and 21 little ones, but I’m not counting this, they were to quick

Here are my first round when I visited the Barnes and Noble before attend an evening meeting with some engineers 

I liked this place, everyone was very concentrated reading and they didn’t care about people around so i could sketch very comfortable 

And here are my engineers, paying attention to the projector 


Lets see how it goes tomorrow. 80 is the target 

Good night!!