Stems plein air event

Today starts another plein air event and I am very excited to participate in this one because a year ago I moved to Kansas city and the same event was running and I was late for registration but in this event I met a lot of artists that now are my friends. I felt so accepted and welcomed since the first day. 

Here is my first painting of a quick 2 hour paint challenge of sunset at the Arboretum, we were very lucky because the weatherman predicted a lot of rain but any drop fell from the sky. 

I won a goodie bag with 2 bottles of Missourian wine, so I feel lucky!! I’ll be posting more paintings on this adventure

Monet garden -Pastel on board -12″x16″

Going downtown for tickets

When you want to attend a concert or a science talk you don’t want to spent a third of the value of the ticket on commissions so i decided to go to downtown at the box office but it was closed. Perfect time to sketch something!! 

The entrance of the theater and this huge and tall BoA building on main street

At the end I had to buy the VIP ticket and was more expensive than the commissions haha 🤣🤣😂😂 but it was worth it to hear Neil DeGrasse Tyson talk

Picking strawberries

This activity is just delicious, I’ve never had the opportunity to eat directly from the bush and is great. My husband had a strawberry slurpy with tons of sugar and as I forgot my water in the car I used some of his drink, the result: my sketch is shinny cause the sugar of the drink. I hope ants or bees don’t conquer my sketchbook soon 🤣🤣😂
by the way we picked 10 pounds!!

WWI Memorial overlooking Kansas city from the top

I love skydecks! and for $5 you can go to the top of the Liberty tower, it’s a narrow space to walk but enough to do a “quick” sketch, this took me around an hour, I used sepia ink and I didn’t want to use watercolor. I’m gonna go up again and try to do another one this time with color