About Liz

Welcome to my blog!

I’m working to share the places I see with drawings, I’m impressed when artists can share the way they look our sourrandings for most common they look, sometimes drawings  are better than reality, I always imagine more places with the style of each artist, its like put on a pair of glasses with this configuration and start to see how an artist can look the world. It’s just a piece of a real view on a sheet with some lines and color. So, here I am, sharing my experiences to you, I hope you enjoy this journey of wild lines and color.

All the artwork on this blog is copyright ©Liz Vargas. If you want to use any image please send me an email to lizvargasart@gmail.com

If you want to commission or buy a painting you can go to my etsy Shop


Have fun!

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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