Paint Parkville -tuesday

Painting at the Nature Sanctuary in Parkville 

I was looking for the cvorrect tree and then I had to decide among many! and chose this one, because the rounded leaves looked just beautiful and this yellow-green tones, also the white sky, raining all day

Hope you like it 

Paint Parkville -Monday PA

Paint Parkville 

What a beautiful house to spend the day. Paint Parkville is an annual event in the little beautiful town in Pakville, Missouri. Monday private estate paint out, wss in this cozy and nice house. Every detail in this spot caught my attention. The pool and the bungalow were the instructions, but any composition in here could make a great painting. The purchase award was given to 3 lucky artists, usually is only one, but the owners of this house wanted all of them. one of the 3 lucky winners was mine. I feel very honored and happy when people tell me that they can’t stop looking at my painting 😍 it’s a big compliment. 

Thank you and see you tomorrow in another adventure 

Paint Parkville – Thursday

Tiffany Springs, Parkville, Missouri. As part of paint Parkville we were painting in this beautiful house, her owner wanted to be on the pain to g with her cat. 

Nice hot day and I have to say that all the merit was to my umbrella 🤣🤣 helps me to don’t get sunburn

I hope the owner wants this painting, it’s really nice i should say