March Madness and the restroom long line

I am not a huge fan of basketball but Kansas city was playing at home!! so we have to be there to enjoy the party and see how Kansasnians celebrate, so here we are having fun, watching the game, enjoying a cold beer in a cold night with 44 heaters on the top of the Kansas City Live! Hundreds of people watching and cheering, after 11 points of disvantage people starts to get worried some minutes later, Kansas is out of the tournament, no more basketball this year for Kansas, but the party continued and I had to attend a natures call so I went to the ladies room and the line was no the exception for the hundreds of people wanting to do the same thing as me, but the difference I always have a sketchbook on my bag, so I have more than enough time to do a sketch from people on the line, and here it is, some people look with blue faces cause the phones light haha. I have to add more color later, light was very dark there. Hope you like it!!


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