Sketch Car challenge #100carsoneweek 

My friend Tammy Lynn Dickerson started a challenge to dra 100 cars in one week. I know!! I love challenges and I have to be in doing this! and this topic is one of my favorites, I love cars and I like to add in my regular paintings trying not to avoid them, they put a interesting feeling in a painting. I remember when I did photography my pictures looked like studio pictures, sometimes I used to spent the double of the time waiting for people don’t appear on my pictures and once a friend of mine ask me, How do you do to take your pictures without people? And that was challenging, then I make more tests and found that people and common things make a picture or a painting more interesting, makes a sense of dimensions, life and action, so cars in urbansketching are a must! so let’s practice. If you sometime want to check some of my pictures without people follow the link on Flickr

If you want to join the challenge use the #100carsoneweek

Some cars parked outside my front door. I sketch from the first floor that’s why the perspective looks from the top

Mazda 3

If you want to join the challenge use the #100carsoneweek


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