Sketchy Friday (5 sketches)

Fridayyy!!! Thank God is Friday!! I love Fridays! I like the vibe of fridays and today was very productive and fun. I started with some sketches in the morning and I spent all the afternoon drawing different places. The weather gets very cold and we expected some snow, the clouds were heavy an purple bluish, after running near a business complex i saw many No trespassing signs, so i couldn’t find a nice spot to sketch, i know that you can take advantage of every point, but not this morning, well I head back home and decided to sketch the club house of our community, here it is the sketch

Then I was around Sprint Headquarters and I decided to sketch this white building who emerge on the view among those grey clouds, here I am sketching this,

Later I went to the Guitar Center to check on this place, I asked for permission and this friendly guys just let me sketch a couple hours, I chose an arrangement of guitars but I didn’t have that mint color I just had the primaries so I was having some troubles getting the right color, so I decided leave the mint color for later.

The the ampli room was so neat, the angle was right and people were trying on some guitars so I catch the action

After this I visited the Sprint tower in Overland Park and sketch the clock tower

And that’s it!! very productive day, now I can sleep, see you tomorrow!! please comment! 



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