Garden center in a cold day

I miss to post on time yesterday, but here it is the drawing of the day.

I’m part of a group of friends who like to sketch and is a very organized group we called the “Art Mob” so we meet every 4th Thursday of each month. We sketch at Suburban Lawn and Garden center on Roe Avenue, we were 19 sketchers on this beautiful place, the temperature dropped on Thursday and stay inside was a good idea. It felt warm and humid, very good for plants and flowers, after 2 hours of drawing then everybody showed their drawings on the table and we can see the differences of drawings, this is my favorite part, how people choose one or other place and things to sketch, even in the same place, that’s fun. After that, I decided to buy a little air plant I wanted many months ago. so the day was really good. Here it is the drawing. Then a friend of mine told me that I appeared in a picture of The Nelson-Atkins museum flyer! I didn’t know about this! so that was funny, so if you have the Nelson-Atkins flyer for March-April you’ll have a pic of me hanging on your wall haha 😅😅 I attached the pic too


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