Amazed with the view

A river and a bridge over it is not common here in the great Plains, When I was living on the east coast the bay was very close and waterscapes were very common, almost all my friends had a boat, catamaran or at least a kayak haha well, we moved here and all the boats are gone but now I have buffalos, cows and very flat views. I enjoy every place and every moment, learning and learning,  and well…talking about learning, today I was so excited about this bridge that the only thing I wanted was be in a good place with this view, so the best place was a parking lot, so I go to the very end, it really looked like a VIP balcony on a cruise ship haha so without a doubt I started to set all my stuff when a security guard came to me and he started to ask me questions, he told me that this place was private property OMGosh!! sorry! I didn’t know that. so he continued asking me more questions as my name and what kind of things I do and many other things at the same time he was talking with the center on the walkie and giving all my information to them, so I started to freak out but at the end he was very interested on my drawings, then he told me about a closer park and I decided to go there and sketch for the next hour.  It has almost the same view, with lots of details, so here it is. a good place to see airplanes lift off.

Hope you like it



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