Monday night portrait

Monday’s are dedicated to portraits, so today we had a great model at Buenavista Art studio, green eyes and great hair. I like the contrast of white hair with the background. Hope you like it

 I tried first just with black ink and then i made anorher one with watercolor.

Rosana Square Car Show

I woke early than other days because a car show event near my neighborhood, this is KC cars and coffee and this meetup is every month and the meeting was held at Rosana Square where many custom, classic and sport cars gather and of course the event has free coffee and donuts! The temperature was soooooo cooooold  24Β°F/-4Β°C I couldn’t feel my fingers, this cold was soooo bad! So I tried to #sketcha car but was almost impossible to handle the pen, well my watercolor was frozen and then I decided to sketch inside my car. The event turned very good, I want to go back again on spring! 

Hope you like them

this is the sketch with some ice, those spplaters are really watercolor ice stains

Sketchy Friday (5 sketches)

Fridayyy!!! Thank God is Friday!! I love Fridays! I like the vibe of fridays and today was very productive and fun. I started with some sketches in the morning and I spent all the afternoon drawing different places. The weather gets very cold and we expected some snow, the clouds were heavy an purple bluish, after running near a business complex i saw many No trespassing signs, so i couldn’t find a nice spot to sketch, i know that you can take advantage of every point, but not this morning, well I head back home and decided to sketch the club house of our community, here it is the sketch

Then I was around Sprint Headquarters and I decided to sketch this white building who emerge on the view among those grey clouds, here I am sketching this,

Later I went to the Guitar Center to check on this place, I asked for permission and this friendly guys just let me sketch a couple hours, I chose an arrangement of guitars but I didn’t have that mint color I just had the primaries so I was having some troubles getting the right color, so I decided leave the mint color for later.

The the ampli room was so neat, the angle was right and people were trying on some guitars so I catch the action

After this I visited the Sprint tower in Overland Park and sketch the clock tower

And that’s it!! very productive day, now I can sleep, see you tomorrow!! please comment! 


Garden center in a cold day

I miss to post on time yesterday, but here it is the drawing of the day.

I’m part of a group of friends who like to sketch and is a very organized group we called the “Art Mob” so we meet every 4th Thursday of each month. We sketch at Suburban Lawn and Garden center on Roe Avenue, we were 19 sketchers on this beautiful place, the temperature dropped on Thursday and stay inside was a good idea. It felt warm and humid, very good for plants and flowers, after 2 hours of drawing then everybody showed their drawings on the table and we can see the differences of drawings, this is my favorite part, how people choose one or other place and things to sketch, even in the same place, that’s fun. After that, I decided to buy a little air plant I wanted many months ago. so the day was really good. Here it is the drawing. Then a friend of mine told me that I appeared in a picture of The Nelson-Atkins museum flyer! I didn’t know about this! so that was funny, so if you have the Nelson-Atkins flyer for March-April you’ll have a pic of me hanging on your wall haha πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I attached the pic too


There are some places not too much interesting around my area but I am convinced of sketch every corner of it until I really get a map of all the places around. Additional, this is a good motivation for my 10,000 steps that I have to do everyday. I found that this marketplace is 1 mile away so it was good to run and take a deep breath and rest a little bit to make this sketch. People sometimes get interested on what am I doing, maybe they see me suspicious, some days I can handle others really bother me, like today. I feel very uncomfortable so, just a quick sketch then continue running.

Warm and sunny day

I dont want to bother you with my stories, today wasn’t too much interesting but I like to go out, run and sketch, feel the warm air and breathe new air, that’s what  I prefer to go out better than the treadmill πŸ˜‚

Well, I’m posting all my drawings on my run route, later I’ll share the link to my maps. Thank you for reading and follow!

What a Sunny day!!

Since yesterday the weather turns so beautiful so this morning I went for a run at Tomahawk creek which is back from where I live, there is a golf club and some people where golfing, people were on bicycles and kids were playing around. I did this 2 drawings, everything looked very sharp and colorful, even with this winter colors. Hope you like it. Please comment πŸ˜€

The plaza shadows

 The plaza at downtown Kansas city.

Thursdays are the day on the weel when I go out and paint with some friends together indoors, the weather today was great so we paint a little on the inside and then I found that the sun light was making shadows very crisp and sharp on the buildings around, so I looked for a parking space and install if my stuff that is not too much, just a stool, one toe watercolor travel kit, water container and a minibrush, this time I didn’t want to use ink, just watercolor…send voilaaa!! I completed this drawing, this kind of painting like a lot, I don’t do it very often need more practice but I am on it, trying to get somewhere. Then I looked up and found a building cross the street with many details so I tried to capture just with ink this time, so let me know your comments…pleeease! 
See ya