Art Mob March

As every fourth Thursday of each month we meet with the art mob who are a group of artist very enthusiastic and active. this time was the chance to sketch inside the Galleries of the art museum, the only requirement is to do it with pencil, so it was a good experience to do this basic medium that I didn’t use for a long time. I think I did good

Then we meet for lunch and i did a sketch on the line

After lunch I went to the plaza where I’m gonna talk about it in the next post

Happy sketching!!

Red Buds (purple) Part II

The same driveway but in different side, those purple trees are making me take many pictures and sketching them a lot! they are just beautiful and changing with this crazy weather, some days are shining with a lot of yellow sunlight and other days are just purple with the cloudy sky, that’s what happened when i draw this, waiting for my hubby after a looong working day

Hope you like this 😉

Long shadows

I went for my usual run in the morning, 5k is not bad at all, weather still cold and in my way to the end of the trail I noticed this tall tree I used to pass here very often but this morning shadows were long and sharp so I made a stop and start sketching, I heard animals around me but didn’t see any, as it was kind of cold no one was in the trail, so I rush my sketch to go out the woods faster than normal. Hope you like it! 

Thanks for reading

Spring is here!!

All day I was preparing some of my stuff for the next plein air events and then I view on the window the most beautiful and different cloud, like a gray line in the sky, the weatherman said, it was a weak cool front, well I took many pictures of it, then the sun appear in this chilly and cool day and my plants need some sun so I get interested on my plant in the window so here it is, without flowers but really colorful with a yellow pinwheel, purple pot and a natural wood crate, outside you can see some green and orangish trees. Thanks for reading!! Happy spring season 🌻🌼🌷🌹🌵

Monday Night portrait

Tonight’s model was quite different and she had a great and beautiful dress but I focused more in her face. I did two drawings of her, one with just watercolor and the other one with ink and watercolor, I want to develop more skills drawing in.blocks of large areas with watercolor without the line of the pen. I like both, she kept both drawings.

Weather as summer

Great Sunday with a lot of sun. Some of my neighbors were outside in their backyards on the grass and i was in the balcony drawing them and doing some tests with watercolor and sharpies. Good exercise and I draw my geraniums as well. By de way, that set of watercolors I made from a shadow make up case I get rid of the make up and fill with my watercolor paint tubes. I’ll post a tutorial later how to do it.